the elements of a good old Safeguard commercial

Do you remember those days from 80’s and 90’s? Safeguard ads seemed to look all the same. Why? The reason is they maintained all the same elements in their commercials way back then. Let’s go back in time and see! :)

1. The konsensya. Literally meaning “conscience” in English, it is a shadow-like persona of the main character (the mother) that serves as her ego. The old Safeguard commercials wouldn’t be complete if there’s no presence of that “conscience”. An example of the konsensya‘s typical dialog is, “Ang germs na naiuwi mo, ipapasa mo ba sa kanya?” (“Will you let those germs pass over to your family?”) So, the conscience implies that she should use Safeguard in order to prevent spreading germs. And, the conscience also appears at the end of the commercial, saying that using Safeguard will make the family germ-free.


2. Testimonial by a PAMET representative. Of course, this serves as the proof that Safeguard is guaranteed to make our bodies clean and germ-free as we use it.


3. Comparison of Safeguard to other brand of soap. This part of the ad shows that Safeguard is the best among the leading brands. Here, it shows that other leading brands cannot eliminate odor-causing germs like Safeguard does.  Too much emphasis, yeah. :)


4. An icon indicating that the person who used Safeguard is now protected and germ-free. Of course, this is the happy ending. The icons range from this…


to this…

safeguard-icon2…to this!



Safeguard commercials today

Those remarkable elements of Safeguard commercials are not always present in their ads today, especially on the past recent years, which we observed that the “konsensya” was not a part of Safeguard ads on that time. Today in 2014, as Safeguard promotes new products tied-up with other P&G brands such as Tide and Joy, the “konsensya” concept of a classic Safeguard ad is reviving again. :)

– Irish :)


guess the brands of Pinoy commercial taglines!

Hello everyone! Long time no post here; “a busy person is busy” they say. Well I think this one is the semester I got the heaviest load of school tasks and projects so far.

For now, because I am still searching for that one commercial I want to post, I want you guys to answer this! You have to guess the brands of the taglines of Pinoy ads. The list includes both classic and modern ads. Questionnaire accessed from, with a few minor edits.


The Complete Questionnaire:

1 swak sa sarap
2 for quality you can trust
3 a bite sexier
4 sukob na, halika na, sabay tayo sa payong ko
5 I use this in the states
6 nothing escapes
7 see the clean, smell the flowers
8 wala pa ring tatalo sa
9 to be sure you get the right quality, look for the bird
10 the car paint of the future today
11 may bisa ng powder brush and bleach
12 accept made to order pants and barong finished within 6 hours
13 now you’re talking
14 let’s talk
15 because first impression lasts
16 ang order ni misis
17 ako si elsa
18 ngiting panalo
19 it’s everybody’s milk
20 pumuti na ako in just 4 weeks
21 let’s share a refreshing feeling
22 kontra biyahilo
23 how many zebra will cover with that paint?
24 sarap ng giniling na kape in an instant
25 seriously delicious
26 the cooking milk
27 ikabupini manicura
28 sarap gisado, nalalanghap
29 takbuhan ng bayan
30 ang mantsang di kaya ng iba, tanggal sa unang laba
31 bog-chi
32 when you’re hungry
33 no film. what?
34 keeps on absorbing even when wet
35 simut sarap talaga
36 aba bert, alagaan mo naman ang sarili mo
37 even when there’s milk around
38 bridesmaid ka lang
39 sa bahay namin anim ang toothbrush
40 connecting people
41 tough on worms, gentle on kids
42 ito ang tunay na wonder
43 pinipili ng mapiling ina
44 pure asim
45 brings out the best in you
46 belly good, belly bad, belly cute
47 keeps breath fresh naturally
48 lamok seguredong tepok
49 pasalubong ng bayan
50 it’s the socks of the future today
51 you got the message
52 dito na tayo sa totoo
53 going and going and going and going
54 kasi wala siyang sawang magmahal
55 may equality for all
56 more light into your life
57 di lang pampamilya, pang-isports pa
58 mother, father, brother, sister
59 mag-iodized salt tayo, o ha! Let’s doh it
60 IQ plus, Taurine plus
61 charlie balakubak, excuse me!
62 hindi tulad ng iba John!
63 kausapin mo yang si Katrina, sumosobra na siya
64 walangkasingkulayangbuhay
65 pitong beses man gamitin
66 how thoughtful
67 sure ako dito
68 we serve satisfaction
69 Class, what is Anatomy?
70 when you care enough to send the very best
71 ang mundo ko, sana makita mo
72 happing happy din ang mga pig
73 hindi lahat ng pinaniniwalaan ay totoo
74 the whey to amazing babies
75 share and enjoy
76 may lukso ng dugo, may igting ng damdamin
77 now you can dance for joy
78 ang gaan gaan ng feeling
79 our signature is your assurance
80 bagong ligo ang pakiramdam
81 ikaw lamang wala nang iba
82 I love you sabado
83 sa bukid walang papel, kiskis mo sa pilapil
84 isang patak kaya sankatutak
85 by the way, it’s tricia
86 Have a break
87 share the moment, share life
88 hello metro manila, we’re cooling you in style
89 mom, I’m hot
90 meron na akong BF. Hihihi. Bestfriend
91 breakfast, mukhang éclair? Bulingge ito
92 partner natin, partner ng buong bayan
93 ang hari ng padala
94 siksik sa cake, siksik sa sarap
95 I haven’t zip my fly in 3 years
96 Saucy!
97 kagandang mo’y nakakabighani
98 iron strenght for women
99 for that standout shine
100 pinyakamasarap
101 sikreto ng mga gwapo
102 the make up of make up artist
103 kakambal ko na si Kristine
104 pa-cool ka dyan
105 all beef pattie special sauce lettuce cheese pickle onion on a sesame seed bun
106 tatawag ako sa america, linya ay kay linaw, kay bilis ng tawag
107 the freshmaker
108 you’re in good hands
109 for olympic energy
110 in kainin, in dalhin
111 that’s the taste of magic
112 no survivors
113 kombinsing
114 labadami, labango
115 put some e in your life
116 go nuts with a crunch
117 sweet sour and salty
118 I swear kumapal ang buhok ko
119 kape lang ba? O may ibig sabihin ka
120 take the plunge
121 creams like no other cream can
122 pretty tasty for something healthy
123 snow on the mountains, repeat, snow on the mountains
124 for the world’s no. 1
125 you make a rainbow, a choco rainbow
126 it’s the deo that whitens
127 flawless
128 for every body’s good
129 the munching never stops
130 the brand more dentist use
131 twist, lick, dunk
132 prevention is better than cure
133 I can feel it
134 prove it in 10 days
135 generation next
136 got taste
137 let’s make things better
138 ang photoshop ng bayan
139 dikit dito, dikit doon
140 makin’ it great
141 totally magnetic. make your move
142 aru dugo dugo gang kayo
143 ok linya mo ngayon ha
144 the mint with a hole
145 ponkan na ponkan
146 tayong dalawa, always tama ang timpla
147 tatagal ka ba?
148 once you pop, you can stop
149 goodbye carlo
150 bring home the excitement
151 dulot ay kakaibang ganda mula ulo hanggang paa
152 ito ang lakas, ito ang tama
153 maganda ang handbag
154 buhay ang dugo, buhay ang lakas
155 wala ba kayong mga kamay?
156 ano nga ba iyon?
157 may mas bida pa ba?
158 ito ang gusto ko
159 superior skin germ protection
160 simply the best
161 sabado nights
162 wannabe ka ba o wanna be iba
163 fumbling so soon
164 secure ang success sa iyo
165 it must be good
166 ang wallet na maswerte
167 you simply must
168 panakip butas na lamang ang
169 singbilis lang ng pag-shower ko
170 we got it all for you
171 6-3-3-9-9-9-9
172 always there for you and me
173 simply amazing
174 you love to eat vegetable
175 also a toughie
176 wala akong tibay na maasahan
177 who’s there ba? They’re so ingay
178 balikat ng bayan
179 absolutely everybody
180 masarap kasama
181 talagang trip kita
182 wais
183 yan ang galing without over spending
184 pour on the good times
185 I found gold in the philippines
186 kilabot ng mga ponkan
187 the only newspaper you read from cover to cover
188 kung mukhang imposibleng paputiin
189 tawag na
190 maganda si Mary pero may an-an
191 ang proteksyon ng bayan
192 galing sa dodo ng cow
193 bilis galing, sarap tulog
194 if you don’t look good, we don’t look good
195 it’s a girl thing
196 the unique health drink
197 yc is for you
198 there can only be one first, one original
199 teka sama ako
200 oks na oks


AND BECAUSE I cannot fight the urge to answer some of the items above, please allow me to post the ones I know here! ;)

* Items with asterisks are my intelligent guesses.

59 DOH (Department of Health) Campaign
93 LBC
109 MILO*
124 NIDO
125 NIPS [see blog post here]
131 OREO
170 SM
182 SURF


So that’s all for now… I promise to get back to you when the works are all done!


– Irish :)

Coca-Cola’s global ad campaign: “Tomorrow’s People”

I am the future of the world
I am the hope of my nation
I am tomorrow’s people
I am the new inspiration

And we’ve got a song to sing to you
We’ve got a message to bring to you

Please let there be
For you and for me
A tomorrow
And we all can agree
There’ll be sweet harmony
And we all will be there
Coca-Cola to share
Feeling so real and so true
Promise us tomorrow
And we’ll build a better world for you


These lyrics bring lots of memories for an 80’s kid. Why? Because 1987 was the year when Coca-Cola aired “Tomorrow’s People”, a global ad which involved kids and teenagers from different countries to deliver that “message of hope” to the world.

This turned out to be one of the classic and most memorable commercials of all time.


Below is the English version of the ad. This was aired both in United States and in the United Kingdom. According to my sources, this was shot at a certain hall in Liverpool, England.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (US/UK)

The Philippines also has its own version! Not one, but TWO! The lead singer was an 80’s star named Lilet. She had an English version which she had done also in Liverpool with kids from different nations. She also had a Filipino version, with Filipino lyrics, and this time she was together with the Filipino kids here in the Philippines. (How redundant!) I’ll show you both videos.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Philippines – English)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Philippines – Filipino)

Now which do you think looks better? :)

Meanwhile, this version of Peru was shot at Machu Picchu.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Peru)

And this is an excerpt of the Korean version.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Korea)

Here’s the version aired in Brazil and Portugal. A boy as the lead singer, wow!

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Brazil/Portugal)


Here are the other versions of the global ad. They were all shot on the same venue as the one in the English version.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (China)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Argentina)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Colombia)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Germany)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Italy)


And, to give you a hint of the other versions, watch this video of “Tomorrow’s People” in mixed languages.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Multilingual)

By the way, as I passed through lots of great sites, forums and blogs to deliver you this compilation, I realized that I am becoming hooked on some Coca-Cola commercials and jingles like “Hilltop” and “Always”. I hope you don’t mind if ever I’ll post anything about Coca-Cola once again!

– Irish :)

TV Ad Remakes #2: Close-up’s “Closer You and I”

I apologize if I haven’t dropped by here for two weeks due to my other commitments. Here I am again, bringing you another ad remake post. :)


To my friends who grew up on the same generation as me, ever thought that Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson’s remarkable Close-up commercial was actually a REMAKE? The original version was way back on the late 80’s or early 90’s. According to my intensive research (again), the early Closer You and I commercial was starred by Raffy Ladao and Raya Roa.

The TV Ad: Close-up Toothpaste

What things were changed:

  • The concept of the commercial. The original version of the ad was shot at different locations (I think they focused more on the ‘nature’ side), while the 2009 version was shot at a Western-like high school.
  • The singer and genre of the song. The “Closer You and I” theme of the 80’s/90’s commercial was sung by Gino Padilla and was more like a ballad, while Sponge Cola made it a rock song this time.


Close-up – Closer You and I – 80’s/90’s

Close-up – Closer You and I – 2009


Now which ad do you find more appealing? The original ad or the 2009 version? :)

– Irish :)

P.S. There is a big possibility that I will finally be publishing the Coke global ad “Tomorrow’s People” next week. Trust me, it’s a looooong post loaded with different versions of the same ad, in consideration for those two weeks that I left you hanging! Stay tuned, guys! :)

TV Ad Remakes #1: NIPS Chocolate

Hello everyone! So my blog entry for this week will be my first ever post for my new blog category – Ad Remakes. This is for the commercials we [the new generation] had watched for quite some time, that were actually remakes of their original counterparts. Enjoy! :)

The TV Ad: NIPS [for those who do not know, it’s a brand of chocolate that looks like M&M’s]

What things were changed:

  • The lyrics of the jingle
  • The concept
  • The visuals [don’t know the proper term for this – I refer this to the ads’ transition from cartoons to real persons/things!]


Let’s start on the original ad. They said this one was aired on the 90’s.

NIPS Commercial (90’s)

And this version was the one I had encountered on TV. :)

NIPS Commercial (2000’s)


That ad remake shows that NIPS still continues to satisfy our sweet teeth [because we are many!]. Am I right? :)

If you know other TV ads that were remade, please feel free to comment below. Thank you!

Till next week!

– Irish :)

Our homework in Statistics involves TV ads!

Last Tuesday, our Statistics professor gave a homework to us. And that homework should be done the coming Monday, from 12 noon to 12:30 p.m.

She said that we have to list down all the TV advertisements that are going to appear on the three leading TV networks (ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5)* on that timeslot. Our entire class are divided into three groups, and our group is assigned to watch the commercials aired on TV5. I have no idea about the real purpose of this assignment; maybe this is an “appetizer” for a new lesson. Really awakened my senses! :)

The last time I watched a particular program on that channel, I haven’t seen as many TV commercials as the other two channels have. Maybe because TV5 is a ‘younger’ network than GMA and ABS-CBN. But I don’t know this time, if the number of ads aired have increased or not yet. Nonetheless, there are still ads! :)

One thing’s sure: I’m ready for my takeoff on Monday! Even though the ‘ride’ is just for 30 minutes. Haha. :D

– Irish :)

*Channels arranged in alphabetical order. I am AGAINST network wars.

ADS BY REQUEST! Nano-Nano & Knorr Real Chinese Soup

This post is dedicated to you, ate Lanie Ablaza! Haha! :D Because you were the first person to request ads to me, I’d decided to make a new portion of my blog named Ads by Request! YAY! :D


Your first request: Nano-Nano

I think I was not yet in existence when this commercial were aired on TV, but as far as my intensive research would tell, [naks!] the product, together with this ad, came out on the 90s. I was born on 1996, so most probably I was still a baby lying on my crib that time. Haha.

Ate Lanie, I have spent almost a week searching Youtube for the English Nano-Nano commercial, but nothing appeared. Since the Nano-Nano commercial itself is VERY RARE on the Internet, I decided to grab this Indonesian version instead. Sorry! :) But I think the tune of the jingle alone can bring memories… or you may also sing along to the English lyrics below! [as also provided by my intensive research!] :D

Oh Nano-Nano, it drives me crazy
I really love what it does to me
Sweet, sour, and salty
Nano-Nano, Nano-Nanooooo!

Nano-Nano Commercial (Bahasa Version)


Your second request: Knorr Real Chinese Soup

Good thing you requested this one; I didn’t know that there was already Knorr Real Chinese Soup back then. When I watched the video, I myself must say – the jingle is very catchy! To you who requested this, I give you the Youtube link to this ad, and the video description says this commercial is circa early 80s. Seriously, was this ad aired for almost ten years? [if you know what I mean!]  JUST KIDDING. I cannot prove that due to lack of sources. >:D

But, one comment on the Youtube link said there was another version for this ad, aired around late 80s or early 90s. I still need to prove it, but for now I’ll post this version because, again, the video is also RARE. Capital letters intended for emphasis.

I quoted the lyrics of the jingle in your first request; why not also do it here? More fun! :)

Here’s a Chinese soup for you
Some Chinese soup
But there is nothing like
Knorr Real Chinese Soup
Knorr is one of a kind
Best Chinese soup you can find
Knorr is easy to cook
Just add one egg! (crack, gong!)
Thick and chunky and rich
Knorr Real Chinese Soup
There is nothing like
Knorr Real Chinese Soup!

Knorr Real Chinese Soup Commercial


Hope you all enjoyed the commercials in this first Ads by Request post! Thank you so much ate Lanie for requesting and initiating this portion! :D It’s a good thing if you request TV commercials to be posted here in my blog because you are also able to share your favorite commercials to me and the other readers. :)

Now, do you want to make a request? You may comment in my About page or contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail me at . If you can include infos or personal thoughts about your favorite ads, it is much better! Thank you! :)

– Irish :)