Coca-Cola’s global ad campaign: “Tomorrow’s People”

I am the future of the world
I am the hope of my nation
I am tomorrow’s people
I am the new inspiration

And we’ve got a song to sing to you
We’ve got a message to bring to you

Please let there be
For you and for me
A tomorrow
And we all can agree
There’ll be sweet harmony
And we all will be there
Coca-Cola to share
Feeling so real and so true
Promise us tomorrow
And we’ll build a better world for you


These lyrics bring lots of memories for an 80’s kid. Why? Because 1987 was the year when Coca-Cola aired “Tomorrow’s People”, a global ad which involved kids and teenagers from different countries to deliver that “message of hope” to the world.

This turned out to be one of the classic and most memorable commercials of all time.


Below is the English version of the ad. This was aired both in United States and in the United Kingdom. According to my sources, this was shot at a certain hall in Liverpool, England.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (US/UK)

The Philippines also has its own version! Not one, but TWO! The lead singer was an 80’s star named Lilet. She had an English version which she had done also in Liverpool with kids from different nations. She also had a Filipino version, with Filipino lyrics, and this time she was together with the Filipino kids here in the Philippines. (How redundant!) I’ll show you both videos.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Philippines – English)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Philippines – Filipino)

Now which do you think looks better? :)

Meanwhile, this version of Peru was shot at Machu Picchu.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Peru)

And this is an excerpt of the Korean version.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Korea)

Here’s the version aired in Brazil and Portugal. A boy as the lead singer, wow!

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Brazil/Portugal)


Here are the other versions of the global ad. They were all shot on the same venue as the one in the English version.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (China)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Argentina)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Colombia)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Germany)

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Italy)


And, to give you a hint of the other versions, watch this video of “Tomorrow’s People” in mixed languages.

Coca-Cola – Tomorrow’s People (Multilingual)

By the way, as I passed through lots of great sites, forums and blogs to deliver you this compilation, I realized that I am becoming hooked on some Coca-Cola commercials and jingles like “Hilltop” and “Always”. I hope you don’t mind if ever I’ll post anything about Coca-Cola once again!

– Irish :)


Coca-Cola’s global ad campaign: “I Wish”

Okay, my name is Irish, and you can call me iWish! Haha. :D I decided to post about this first before the other global ad campaigns by Coke because of two reasons: (1) the ad’s name looks like my nickname;  and (2) I hate to post too old commercials [those from the years when I was not yet in existence] during nighttime. They will haunt my mind, making me not to sleep! Too silly me!

As stated on the title, this was a “global ad campaign”, it means that this ad was made in different multilingual versions. But according to my research, I only found three versions of this ad – English, Spanish, and Filipino. I will have a different approach this time – I won’t include any explanations before each ad, except the last one. Therefore, you must watch the ads first to familiarize yourselves! Besides, I do not know any information about the English and Spanish versions because I just discovered them some time ago. Enjoy! :)


To get started, I will first show to you the English and the original version!

Coca-Cola – I Wish – English Version

Have you seen a clue? Or a sneak peek of what the Filipino version looks like? :) Let’s take one more shot by viewing the Spanish version!

Coca-Cola – I Wish – Spanish Version

“A clue! A clue!”

HAHA! Getting close enough? Yes, you’re right – they are the equivalents of the Filipino Coke ad “Sana” by Nikki Gil! If I’m not mistaken, this commercial brought her to stardom. Am I right? :) Let’s watch it again! I think I was in grade four when this ad was aired, and I’m now in 2nd year college! O__O

Coca-Cola – I Wish – Filipino Version


Now, I leave the question to you – which version is better? Leave a comment guys! And, just stay tuned on the next Coca-Cola’s global ad campaign post, if ever there will be more to come yet. :P