Watching TV commercials is simply one of my interests and what I enjoy doing within my spare time. Because I love to share on social networking sites the things that I find interesting, I decided to create this blog as my permanent place to post the ads that have stuck in my head for a long time, given me a glimpse of the early years, fascinated me, disappointed me, made me teary-eyed, given me goosebumps, and many more. I also hope that through this blog, you can also appreciate the unexplainable memories that I experience every time I view those amazing ads. :)

– Irish :)


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. im terribly amazed! hahahaha xD it gives a burst of imagining my childhood times.. i sing a long with these two fantastic and very entertaining comercials.. even my loved ones caught their attention and laugh with it.. reminicsing younger years.. HAHAHA XD TWO THUMBS UP! hanap pako ng irerekwes a! :D

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