hello there!

I realized that my last post was waaaay back February 2013, and yeah, on that last post I promised that I’ll be back when the school works are all done..

More than one year had passed, and I sincerely apologize for my long hiatus. Either because I’d been too occupied with, yeah, school works again; or I was not that motivated to finish my posts (actually, as time went by, I made drafts of my blog posts that were supposed to be published – even in my personal blog – but yeah, because of that lack of inspiration, I hadn’t continued publishing them).

But, my interest in ads is always present. In our casual conversations with my family and friends, we cannot avoid to include throwbacks, and part of that reminiscing is the nostalgia that TV ads bring to us. For me, that served as a time machine which makes me travel back to the past (even if I don’t want to, haha).

I miss posting here. And I was surprised that this blog has gotten a lot of views when I was not active on the past year, and a few people even posted comments on some blog posts! Thank you, thank you. :’)

Now, um, honestly I don’t know what I’ll do next for this blog.. I still have no idea if I’ll be able to publish a post about a particular ad or two on the soonest time possible.

Ideas are very much appreciated! Feel free to comment your ad requests or whatever you want to see in this blog in my About page. Thank you!

Just stay tuned, guys!


Let's talk about this! :)

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