TV Ad Remakes #1: NIPS Chocolate

Hello everyone! So my blog entry for this week will be my first ever post for my new blog category – Ad Remakes. This is for the commercials we [the new generation] had watched for quite some time, that were actually remakes of their original counterparts. Enjoy! :)

The TV Ad: NIPS [for those who do not know, it’s a brand of chocolate that looks like M&M’s]

What things were changed:

  • The lyrics of the jingle
  • The concept
  • The visuals [don’t know the proper term for this – I refer this to the ads’ transition from cartoons to real persons/things!]


Let’s start on the original ad. They said this one was aired on the 90’s.

NIPS Commercial (90’s)

And this version was the one I had encountered on TV. :)

NIPS Commercial (2000’s)


That ad remake shows that NIPS still continues to satisfy our sweet teeth [because we are many!]. Am I right? :)

If you know other TV ads that were remade, please feel free to comment below. Thank you!

Till next week!

– Irish :)


2 thoughts on “TV Ad Remakes #1: NIPS Chocolate

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