ADS BY REQUEST! Nano-Nano & Knorr Real Chinese Soup

This post is dedicated to you, ate Lanie Ablaza! Haha! :D Because you were the first person to request ads to me, I’d decided to make a new portion of my blog named Ads by Request! YAY! :D


Your first request: Nano-Nano

I think I was not yet in existence when this commercial were aired on TV, but as far as my intensive research would tell, [naks!] the product, together with this ad, came out on the 90s. I was born on 1996, so most probably I was still a baby lying on my crib that time. Haha.

Ate Lanie, I have spent almost a week searching Youtube for the English Nano-Nano commercial, but nothing appeared. Since the Nano-Nano commercial itself is VERY RARE on the Internet, I decided to grab this Indonesian version instead. Sorry! :) But I think the tune of the jingle alone can bring memories… or you may also sing along to the English lyrics below! [as also provided by my intensive research!] :D

Oh Nano-Nano, it drives me crazy
I really love what it does to me
Sweet, sour, and salty
Nano-Nano, Nano-Nanooooo!

Nano-Nano Commercial (Bahasa Version)


Your second request: Knorr Real Chinese Soup

Good thing you requested this one; I didn’t know that there was already Knorr Real Chinese Soup back then. When I watched the video, I myself must say – the jingle is very catchy! To you who requested this, I give you the Youtube link to this ad, and the video description says this commercial is circa early 80s. Seriously, was this ad aired for almost ten years? [if you know what I mean!]  JUST KIDDING. I cannot prove that due to lack of sources. >:D

But, one comment on the Youtube link said there was another version for this ad, aired around late 80s or early 90s. I still need to prove it, but for now I’ll post this version because, again, the video is also RARE. Capital letters intended for emphasis.

I quoted the lyrics of the jingle in your first request; why not also do it here? More fun! :)

Here’s a Chinese soup for you
Some Chinese soup
But there is nothing like
Knorr Real Chinese Soup
Knorr is one of a kind
Best Chinese soup you can find
Knorr is easy to cook
Just add one egg! (crack, gong!)
Thick and chunky and rich
Knorr Real Chinese Soup
There is nothing like
Knorr Real Chinese Soup!

Knorr Real Chinese Soup Commercial


Hope you all enjoyed the commercials in this first Ads by Request post! Thank you so much ate Lanie for requesting and initiating this portion! :D It’s a good thing if you request TV commercials to be posted here in my blog because you are also able to share your favorite commercials to me and the other readers. :)

Now, do you want to make a request? You may comment in my About page or contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail me at . If you can include infos or personal thoughts about your favorite ads, it is much better! Thank you! :)

– Irish :)


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