the ironic truth

I always enjoy having conversations about TV commercials. It seems like I have plenty of things to say because there are lots of product jingles that are still stuck in my head for a very long time. But actually, if I talk about TV commercials in real life, I sometimes get goose bumps on my skin, or even my face may blush a little bit! And the worse thing is that I CANNOT AVOID THEM! I look like a creeped-out person everytime I feel them approaching me. But I think those are just the visible effects of my nostalgia. [I hope you haven’t seen my awkward face when we talk about TVCs… I am trying soooo hard to hide it!] ;P

Okay, I admit that I have watched TV commercials that seemed creepy to me, but I still enjoy them at all! :D [What scares me more when I watch creepy commercials are those moments when that ad disturbs my mind when I sleep during the dark night! and I am the only one sleeping in my room! Hoooo!] >___<


Let's talk about this! :)

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