Coca-Cola’s global ad campaign: “I Wish”

Okay, my name is Irish, and you can call me iWish! Haha. :D I decided to post about this first before the other global ad campaigns by Coke because of two reasons: (1) the ad’s name looks like my nickname;  and (2) I hate to post too old commercials [those from the years when I was not yet in existence] during nighttime. They will haunt my mind, making me not to sleep! Too silly me!

As stated on the title, this was a “global ad campaign”, it means that this ad was made in different multilingual versions. But according to my research, I only found three versions of this ad – English, Spanish, and Filipino. I will have a different approach this time – I won’t include any explanations before each ad, except the last one. Therefore, you must watch the ads first to familiarize yourselves! Besides, I do not know any information about the English and Spanish versions because I just discovered them some time ago. Enjoy! :)


To get started, I will first show to you the English and the original version!

Coca-Cola – I Wish – English Version

Have you seen a clue? Or a sneak peek of what the Filipino version looks like? :) Let’s take one more shot by viewing the Spanish version!

Coca-Cola – I Wish – Spanish Version

“A clue! A clue!”

HAHA! Getting close enough? Yes, you’re right – they are the equivalents of the Filipino Coke ad “Sana” by Nikki Gil! If I’m not mistaken, this commercial brought her to stardom. Am I right? :) Let’s watch it again! I think I was in grade four when this ad was aired, and I’m now in 2nd year college! O__O

Coca-Cola – I Wish – Filipino Version


Now, I leave the question to you – which version is better? Leave a comment guys! And, just stay tuned on the next Coca-Cola’s global ad campaign post, if ever there will be more to come yet. :P


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