spotlight on Rejoice dance commercials

[guys, i am not sure of their chronological order. i will only post the Rejoice commercials that I am able to remember and search in YouTube.] :)

  • Sunod sa Galaw – At around 2004 or 2005, Rejoice Shampoo (Philippines) launched its first ever ‘dance commercial’. More like a music video in format, it became an instant dance craze in Nueva Vizcaya (the province where I lived during my elementary years) because of its catchy tune and easy steps. I thought it was entitled “Sumusunod” because it is the repeatedly mentioned word in the chorus of the song, but I realized it was actually “Sunod sa Galaw”. :D [wait, where are the Jaboom Twins now?]

Rejoice – Sunod sa Galaw

  • Walang Sabit – When the fame of Sandara Park in the PH was still fresh because of her participation in Star Circle Quest, she sang for Rejoice a song entitled “Walang Sabit”. As I remember, this one was also a big hit and was as equally famous as her song “In or Out”. :)

Rejoice – Walang Sabit

  • Instant Ayos – I was also LSS’d on this song, but I cannot remember any significant event that happened during the airtime of this commercial. According to those who commented on the YouTube video (watch the vid below or on YouTube), the singer here is Mish Maravilla.

Rejoice – Instant Ayos

  • Straight na Natural – [not sure of the title!] I will almost not have been included this one here in my post because this one is very RARE and HARD TO FIND! Thanks to the uploader of the video below, or else I will have forgotten that there was actually a Rejoice commercial like this. :)

Rejoice – Straight na Natural

  • Kering-Keri – This song – performed by Kim Chiu when she was known yet as the Big Winner of PBB Teen Edition 1 – was a monster hit among the Filipino viewers. The concept is about a ‘probinsyana’ who joined in a dance contest and believes that she can make it! [kering-keri = kayang-kaya = I cannot find an accurate English word for this!] :D As of writing time, the video garnered above 2 million views – which makes her an effective endorser for Rejoice.

Rejoice – Kering-Keri


In viewing those ads, you can see P&G’s efforts in endorsing their products. But wait – is there a most recent dance commercial yet from Rejoice? What I’m talking about are those videos that last from 2 to 3 minutes like the ads I mentioned above. But I think this ad also looks like a mini-dance commercial, but it was not released like a full MTV. Come Back to Rejoicing, still performed by Kim Chiu. :)

Rejoice – Come Back to Rejoicing


The most recent Rejoice endorsers I know today are Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. Did they launch at least one mini-dance commercial? I can’t remember na eh. :)

Feel free to post a comment guys! :D


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